MEURSAULT Les Meix Chavaux 2020

"Meix" means a land around the house, the heart of the farm.
"Chavaux" means a small valley before a river.


Production area : 10,25 ha
Altitude : 240-260 m.
The terroir is oriented North-East, in the north of the village, near Auxey-Duresses.
Soil : calcareous clay in the lower part, rocky and less deep in the higher part. The harvest is generally later in the parcel, protected by houses.
In the vineyard
Wine-Growing method : Organic (non certified)
Harvest: 100 % manual
At their arrival in our cellar, the grapes are immediately and carefully pressed with a pneumatic press .
100 % whole grapes
Finning: Yes
Filtration : Yes (Lenticulaire)
17 months (whose 5 months in stainless steel tank)
100 % oak barrels (whose 20% of new oak)
Chardonnay : 100%
Alcohol content: 13,60 ABV
Age of vines: Planted in 1991 years old


Serving temperature : 11-13°C
Should be drunk between 2022 and 2028
Very typical from Meursault, a little tense, with a beautiful acidity. Not very sensitive to over maturity. It's a sappy wine and energise with a good balance.
Can be aged.
Ideal for an unostentatious Meursault lover.


"Pale lemon. The bouquet is completely different, much more muscular, even a bit of bacon fat. Then freshens up in the glass. This is very powerful stuff, 13.5%, but it is completely consistent all the way through. Needs more elevage. Is going to be really impressive for village Meursault. Close to a fifth star."
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